Comments & Reviews


"Pat Stanislaski is the  most effective and dynamic educator and trainer!  Her deep knowledge about child development, her knowledge of state and educational systems, and remarkable intelligence, are all  displayed through her warm, humor-filled, always-engaging style. She "reads" the audience well, changes her pace and presentation in response to the participants' needs, and knows how to help participant's "own" the material.  Pat's judgement about how best to market and deliver professional development activities is unsurpassed. In my over 30 year career, she is the very best at her craft that I have ever met.”


- Gerard Costa, Ph.D.

Director and Senior Lecturer, Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

College of Education and Human Services, Montclair State University




“Pat Stanislaski is an exceptional resource for the rest of us. Her trainings and public speaking events inspire, educate and motivate all of us to greater action. Her expertise and experience is freely shared in a way that is accessible and easily understood. Her humor helps participants remain focused on the important topics she addresses. I highly recommend Pat as a resource, whether you are hosting a large conference and need a keynote speaker, holding a training for a small group of colleagues or anything in between. Pat is an excellent writer and a creative consultant around multiple issues related to children and families.”


- Teresa Rafael

Executive Director, National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds




“Pat is a dynamic and gifted speaker. When she presents, her dedication to child sexual abuse prevention is evident. Her insight, balanced with humor, creates an uplifting and memorable experience.”


- Deborah Callins

Prevention Director, National Child Advocacy Center




“Pat Stanislaski is bar none, one of the most authentic, competent and committed child abuse prevention/family strengthening advocates I have ever met.


Pat brings a level of passion to this work that has made her an internationally and nationally respected and revered expert in the field.


It was my honor and pleasure to work with her in my capacity as the Director of the Division of (Child Abuse) Prevention and Community Partnerships, a division of the NJ Department of Children and Families. She was one of my most capable Administrators as she and her team expanded and rooted early care and education programs throughout the State of New Jersey.”


- Rev. Darrell Armstrong, MDiv., Ed.S, MFT

Former Director of the Division of Prevention and Community Partnerships, a division of NJ Dept. of Children & Families




“I cannot say enough about how well received Pat Stanislaski was at our Strengthening Families Training Institute.

Her keynote left people moved, inspired and with practical tips for their practice when they returned to work.

She received a number of 5+'s on our 5 point scale!  Pat's work on child resiliency really gave people new perspectives on how to approach their work with families.  We will bring her back!”


- Roger Sherman, Executive Director

Idaho Children's Trust Fund/Prevent Child Abuse Idaho




“Dear Pat,


First of all, an enormous Laredo abrazo for having been such a grand part of our conference success!  We firmly believe that it is ignorance and silence that have been the most powerful enablers of those who prey on our children and have made it our mission to both protect child victims AND break the silence that surrounds this horrific abuse.  Your presence at our 12thannual conference and your powerful presentations made a resounding impression on our audience and for that we are so grateful!  Please stay in touch.  God bless you and continue to empower you as you too continue on a mission to protect children from sexual abuse.  You are a worthy advocate and a precious person!”


- Sylvia Bruni, Executive Director

Children's Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County






Thanks so much for presenting at our recent Leadership Institute on Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect.

Your keynote presentation and breakout session were very well received! You were the most popular speaker we had and everyone enjoyed learning from you.


Comments included: 

"Pat was amazing – I hung on her every word.  Thank  you."

"Really enjoyed her keynote.  She was very friendly and knowledgeable about this topic. Great!”
"Fabulous – really made me think about how important everything I do is."


Your evaluation summaries for the Plenary Session and Breakout Session are attached.  You were rated as 3.96 out of a maximum of 4 points on the Breakout Session!  Also rated as 4.83 out of 5 on the Plenary Session!  


Well done!


Thanks so much,



- Jim McKay

Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia




“Pat is passionate, energetic and extremely knowledgeable.  As a speaker or trainer her presentations have thought provoking content and are presented in an interactive way.  Pat’s presentation style is captivating, challenging and caring.  I would attend any training she offers.”


- Kaye Reiss

Former Administrator, NJ DCF, Division of Prevention & Community Partnerships




“Pat has an extraordinary way to educate even about difficult topics in a way that is entertaining, engaging, and respectful of her audience.  Further, she embodies a deep understanding of the importance of culture, difference, and multiple points of view in addressing any social problem.  

Pat can inspire as well as challenge others to think in new and creative ways, while simultaneously reaching in and drawing out the unique contribution of those she teaches.  I consider her to approach complex issues with remarkable depth, but to present them in a simple enough way that the outcome is action rather than being overwhelmed, a core of hope rather than despair.”


- Carol Plummer, MSW, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University School of Social Work




“Pat  is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer.  Her presentation skills are top notch!  She is an expert in early childhood and prevention.  Topics are well researched, informative, lively and fun!”


- Sunday Gustin, RN, MPH

  Administrator, Office of Early Childhood Services

  New Jersey Department of Children and Families




“Pat Stanislaski is a rare blend of academic knowledge, on-the-ground experience, entertainment and heart. She has a gift for building on the strengths of others and providing practical yet inspirational information participants can immediately use.”


- Cordelia Anderson, M.A.

Prevention Consultation & Training, Sensibilities, Inc. & MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)

Chair, National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation




"Pat Stanislaski is a woman of strength, courage and virtue. She has a belief that children deserve to live, grow and love in a world safe from harm, and she has dedicated her life's work to do her part to make that a reality for all children, both here in the US and in a growing number of other countries. For the past 27 years, she has worked diligently to educate adults about their role in the protection and safety of youngsters, and has inspired and guided individuals and groups in their efforts to organize programs focused on these goals. Her training workshops are exceptional learning academies, her presentations are crisp and full of user-friendly information and examples; and each is conducted with compassion, wit and curiosity -- the hallmarks of her interactions with participants and colleagues alike. It is an honor to recommend her as a trainer, consultant, colleague and friend."


- Elda M. Dawber, LICSW

Professional Training & Consultation Services




"With Pat you get a complete package for training! Knowledge and expertise in the field coupled with a great sense of what it takes to teach adults. Her warmth and humor create a wonderful atmosphere that fosters creativity and acceptance."


Eve Robinson

Executive Director, Montclair Community Pre-K




"I met Pat in 1998 in Piran,  - the occasion was the first CAP training in Slovenia. This was the important experience for our team and future CAP project in our country and also for me personally. She is a wonderful person, a great teacher and a dear friend. With her heartiness, understanding, vast knowledge and experience she makes an important impact on people and keeps contributing to the protection and well-being of children, families and other people at risk. She is caring, thoughtful, strong, full of energy, creative, flexible... as a teacher. I believe she loves teaching and that makes her students open and eager to learn. Her faith and enthusiasm are contagious.


It was a privilege for me to have the opportunity to meet her, work with her, learn from her and share professional and personal experiences with her.  I'm deeply thankful for that."                         


- Mateja Stirn, MSc.

ISO Institute, Ljublijana, Slovenia




"I will always remember the CAP 'Training for Trainers' that Pat led. The training has encouraged and equipped me to bring CAP back to the UK. I often think of the skills that you taught me and have carried them with me here where we are putting them into practice."      


- Grace Turner

Child Assault Prevention (CAP) in the United Kingdom




Comments from participants at community-organized child abuse prevention seminars:


“Pat was ‘the best’! She is real, factual and easy to learn from.”


“Pat Stanislaski is an excellent presenter – appropriate, helpful, funny and inspirational.”


“Wonderful presentation –full of useful information and done with humor and grace.”




Comments following Pat’s workshop entitled -

“Why Some Bounce Back and Some Never Do – Resilience in Children Who Experience Childhood Abuse”:


“ I loved Pat’s presentation.  I wish it had been a two day seminar instead of 90 minutes!”


“This workshop was great!! The presenter had a wonderful sense of humor and was quite extraordinary!”


“This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.  Pat was knowledgeable, interesting and funny.  She held my attention the whole time.  The material she covered will help me be a better social worker.  Thank you.”